Xbox portable console

How cool would it be if microsoft released an xbox portable console The XTRON ! Imagine gears of war..titanfall or halo on the go or on your couch.

i know the odds are slim but who would lile this idea?

please take note that this thread is only for those who would like the idea not for those who DON't like the idea

again if YOU DONT like the idea thats totally cool you can make your own thread on how you dislike it if you want :)


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Are you new to the internet? You don't get to create a thread and say "only post if you agree". That's not how forums work. This is a discussion board. Discussions go both ways. If you can't handle someone disagreeing with your thread topic, then you probably shouldn't create threads.

On topic: Microsoft already has windows phone. Not to mention Nintendo and Sony pretty much have the handheld market locked down. Besides, dropping my ogre on some noobs isn't something I really wanna do while sitting in the waiting room at my doctors office.

@OP, I don't like the idea. You're welcome. :P

@swordstyle im all up for discussions for starters your saying nintendo and sony pretty much have the handheld market locked down..

Wasn't that the case before xbox made it to the scene with their first home console? Microsoft came late into the game and were able to establish their self.

So your saying because iPhones have phones on lock a competitor can't come and knock them out? Blackberry use to be up top now they are at the bottom? i feel like i might need to give you a few more examples because i don't see how you missed this.. maybe you were so stuck on making a point that you forgot to stop and think.

& really .. new to the internet? if your going to be sarcastic be more original you have nothing better to do than to come say sht like that online? i can create a thread how ever i feel like creating a thread who the are YOU to tell me how i should or shouldn't creat a thread.. do you work for xbox forums? is it your job to come and correct people on here? lol relax.. you seem like the type of person who doesn't get along with others in person .. always in a bad mood type of person you don't always have to take things to the heart .. sounds like the shoe fits in this situation hop off my n u t s.

I'd rather listen to music while on the go...

people on here are always quick to discredit someones post lol nothing better to do?

@galacticgeek idc what you want to do on the go.. this thread has nothing to do with what you do on the go, some people don't own a home console and prefer to play a portable handheld at home.

My phone is portable doesn't mean i always have to use it "on the go" lol..

lol always the same people smh.. @swordstyle hey i guess since may weather already dominates the ring no one else should try and beat him huh? hope you realize how stupid you sound.

He asked what I thought - my response was telling him what I would rather do. I think it's a fair response.

No i asked how cool would it be if microsoft released a portable console. Your response would make sense if i asked "do you like portable consoles?"

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