xbox players posing as xbox agent

was told by a person named  [Mod Removed]  and a person posing as a xbox montor named [Mod Removed] saying i was hacking into a game called call of duty and that it was illeagal and could be fined 20,000 dollars i was told by these two people posing as xbox agents i should be watching my son so in the future he wouldnt do it again my son was not in fact hacking into that game  was conmtacted before by these same two people stating the same thing before  these are noit xbox agents and gave me a wrong phone number and  so anyone getting someone who says they r an agent of xbox dont believe them and call xbox live support your selves tyo seek help also they were ssaying they also work for livestream.


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How to report a gamertag on the xbox:

1.  On the dashboard, go to the tags bio.

2.  Scroll down and select File Complaint

3.  Follow the instructions.  

The complain will be sent directly to the PET team for them to investigate and take the necessary actions.

This site, really needs a Private Complaints XBLPET Thread, for posting the Messages people send on Live, in a private manner & click the reason for filing a complaint etc..

1.Don't write people's gamertags on the forums to complain about him, it's against the forum rules.


2.File complaint him, XBLPET will surely perma-ban him.


Plus XBLPET doesn't tolerate people acting like MS staff. Anyone who does is basicly a permanent account ban.

Xbox live agents would not message you through live, if you had indeed done something wrong you would be notified by email from the xblpet team, naming and shaming is not allowed on the forum even if they are doing wrong just do what the above post stated, report and block.

just report the messages on your console,xblpet will look into it.