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First off I would like to know If and how to make videos longer than 5 minutes! Multiclip still only lets 5 minutes and I would like to make a walkthrough of Dead Rising 3, Secondy I woud like to know when streaming will be available for the xbox one and give me atleast a month of release or a season, and I would also like to know when snaping youtube will be a thing? Don't get me wrong xbox one is an amazing console but all these things should make it even better. I woud also like to know why is there no backwards compatibility?


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1. You cannot. Xbox One will always limit you to 5 minutes. Thats why real YouTubers get a real PVR. Xbox One will not do what you want for this.

2. Streaming will be here hopefully by spring 2014 but no one knows for sure yet.

3.  I have not heard when new app will be added to the nap feature.

4. there i not BC because the system have 2 different architectures. It will only happen if they can stream the game to you from a server. Don't hold your breath for that though. 

I appreciate the xbox for everything it is but is it that hard to make the videos longer? and for the streaming will we be able to record the stream or take it from twitch?

Well it cannot be that hard because my PVR will record hours and hours and only costs $150 dollars. Its just not what the designers wanted to do. They have it for the "Xbox Record that" feature and so you can make little clips of best moments. They were not making it for Lets Players or anything. It was just their choice to keep it at that.

For the streaming, we don't know but currently on the PS4 you cannot save the stream or get it from twitch, you still have to record it on your PVR as well to get your own copy of the stream.

Bottom line, for what you want, I suggest getting a Hauppauge HD PVR 2 (thats what I use) or the other brand is El Gato Game Capture HD. Both are great and have all the features you want but will come with about $150 price tag.

Yes but my problem is that I will get the recording items and I will use it for a month or so and it will be money wasted

Well that is true, its not for everyone, unfortunately Xbox One won't provide what you need. You can always make 5 minute clips and upload all of them. Then you can use free tools like Windows Movie Maker and you can edit them together there. That would be the next best solution.

One thing that does bug me about the Upload Studio.


If I have say 3 clips from a FIFA match, I cannot do a multi clip event because it requires 5 clips. WTF is that all about :)


Though as has already been said, the HD PVR2 is a nifty bit of kit.

I thought you could make a MultiClip video. Save it and then add that entire mc video back into another new MultiClip video. Is that still have the 5 minute cap? In that case, I guess you can upload the mp4 and splice them together on your own PC using Movie Maker or something.

Or just do your walk through in parts. I have problems watching a 3+ minute video let alone a 30 minute one.

Yeah I think the max length of one clip or multi clip is five minutes so you have to get around it by uploading all clips and editing them externally. I haven't even used upload studio much because my PVR makes things quicker. But for those budding YouTubers, this is not a bad alternative to see if you are good at it/like it.

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1. You cannot. Xbox One will always limit you to 5 minutes. Thats why real YouTubers get a real PVR.


"Real Youtubers"?


You mean people trying to bore people.


If your clip isn't done in 5 minutes the only one who's gonna care is you.

That is exactly what id do it takes really long to upload all though