Xbox One's Internet Explorer

Anyone else encountered an issue with IE which freezes and powers down your Xbox One? It's happened twice to me.


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I've had a couple of instances where it seems to freeze but it's never shut down my xbox.

No, but they need to put a Flash player in there!

Flash wont happen, MS, Apple, and Google all don't approve of flash.  I actually agree with them and the sites that require it will change away from Flash too if you stop installing it to fix their lack of forward movement.

I'm actually surprised at how well the IE app is on X1. The 360 app was so terrible compared to this.

Flash is not necessary.

It only exists now because there are too many people still using old out of date browsers that don't support HTML5.

In a couple of years time flash will only be used for those annoying adverts that obstruct what you are trying to read on some websites. By then most video websites will have switched to HTML5.

Netflix already has because it now uses HTML5 if you use internet explorer 11 on windows 8.1 instead of Silverlight.

IE don't work in my X1 console since launch...i always got an error.