I would just like to put my two cents into the pot. XBOX One how amazing you seem yet so far you have just been another let down just like when 360 came out. So far there isn't a red ring of death but there are some gamers that are already having issues with the blue ray drive and it making grinding noises at first I didn't think mine was going to do this but every once in a while it starts to find a little. The XBOX One party chat, well for anyone that's having issues with the party chat lets just troubleshoot this little jacked up guy right now, so there I am playing battlefield 4 keep in mind I can only find about 6 servers with people playing in them and about 200 empty servers. So like I was saying there I am playing and my buddy wants me to join his party, so join it I do but I have been online for abou an hour longer then him so party chat doesn't want to work so what do I have to do every time my buddy and I wanna join a party and party chat together well we have to restart XBOX One, maybe it's a feature designed so that you have to restart your xbox every so often? Then let's get back to battlefield 4, so there I am playing with my buddy and we are owning the other team and what do you know I get sent to te dashboard randomly or he gets sent to the dash board randomly and then we have to join back in but XBOX One is so nice to me that when I go back into battlefield 4 sometimes it wot let me select anything so I have to take my disk out and put it back in and hope that no one has taken my slot on the team. And it's so nice when ou in an XBOX One party because when you join back I the server XBOX tells you that your buddy that didn't get kicked from the game was added to the game too, because that feature hardly works either. Now let's talk about those apps and such pinned to my home page because those things never seem to turn off and I can't figure out how to close apps heck it took me about 2 hours to figure out how to make the party and party chat thing work right, and then last night I wanna go mess with some of my apps because my lady friend came over and my pins where gone him interesting. And now I wake up to some error problem 0x87DD000F and I've been looking around on here and it seems like it's been going on for hours well that's just amazing kind like the few times in games where I some how ended up under the maps. Seriously Microsoft do you need random players to test out your products so you can see if it's user friendly or what kind of bugs your going to have how can to charge people $499.99 for something that half way works or a few times just doesn't want to work because you have to update your product that shouldn't have tis many issues in the ur at place. No worries if I find anything else that's an issue as I test out other apps and games with Xbox I will gladly post my comments good or bad.

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Also that error problem that I had was a simple fix I just restarted my router and cable modem.