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My friend needed a code as he can't renew his membership til payday, i told him to look in his games for a trial and in his cod ghosts (xb1) there was a 7 day trial. However, the code wouldn't work, so i gave him my trial from cod and that still didn't work, upon reading the small print i noticed it says 'cannot be added to an existing xbox live membership'. I know for a fact they used to allow these codes and they'd just be added on to however long your membership had left. Has this now changed? If so, i'm unimpressed with microsoft's penny pinching it seems completely needless after all, we paid for the games, and console that these codes came from.


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if your friend is having problems affording $40 to buy a year of XBL.. maybe gaming is not suited for him... I mean seriously...

those codes are for NEW MEMBERS ONLY to try XBL on a trial basis... that is all and that is how it has always been

Tohellnbak.... No offence but you could be a bit more diplomatic. And don't assume so much. As I've said in another post, I live in Australia and the price of xbox live here is $90 dollars. So try to be a little more understanding. Some countries pay a lot more than others for things. I've seen games here cost as much as $120.

Trials cannot be added onto an existing subscription. If your friend has a week left but doesnt get paid for 2 weeks, he will need to wait until his sub runs out to use the trial. You can stack up to 3 years of gold subscriptions as long as they are 1 month, 3 months or a year

his sub has ran out, yet it still can't be used. To me this implies that it must be a new account.

oh and Tohellnbak, how about you remove your head from your *** and stop assuming my friend is 'not suited to gaming' just because hes waiting on a paycheck.

When did being a person of wealth become a pre requisite to gaming.

So when I was younger I was not suitable to ride a skateboard cause I would have to scrape change together for weeks just to buy one?

I don't think so as I got about ten years worth of memories for it!

I get an error also when trying to use these codes.

my sub has just ran out and my joypad needs to be returned , so I thought I`d use a 48 hr one until the pad is posted off.

I've had no probs with the codes I got with cod, forza, or ryse. The all worked fine. Not sure what's going in with you guys!

It's simple you're not allowed, If you had a subscription (not a pre-paid code) they block free codes until you've paid... reason being he's likely got a few weeks gold without paying - and they're going to retrieve that money.  Happened to me one time, ended up renewing the year (and losing the time played for free) - I think that's their plan.  Long gone are the days a sub ran out and you got months of free LIVE.

Have you tried entering your codes on

You don't have to be a new account to use a trial membership. Last year I used a two week code after my membership ran out!

As I was not ready to pay my next year off again.