Xbox One Wrong purchase ?

I bought my Xbox One on day one and used to be a happy person...

Now that some time has passed, I am thinking more and more if I did buy the wrong product.

All the new games are announced with a worse quality than those of our competitor and the exclusive games come also for PC.

I could buy them for my brand new PC, why should I keep my new Xbox ?

What is going on here ?

Was hoping and am still hoping that Microsoft would do something to fill the gap, but every day I seem to be proven wrong :(

What is your opinion guys ?

Are you happy with your black brick at the moment ?


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Oh look another one. Black brick huh? Actually I'm really loving my time with xbox one. Don't what you are doing wrong but mines certainly not a brick. Oh you do realise it's only been 3 months since release. What did you expect? 100 games already. I own a gaming pc and you know. Nothing coming out on that either. I have friends who have the PS4. You know what? Nothing there either. I look at it this way. If you buy a car and you don't like it, there is only one piece of advice for that. Sell it and move on. Because nothing anyone says on here is going to change you mind!

Worse quality?? Oh, this is another graphics/framerate comparison thread. Choose your "brick" wisely I say.

Forza 5,Ryse,Dead Rising 3,Quantum Break (to name a few),won't come on PC....

If you bought a Xbox one just to play Titanfall,you made a mistake.Also,it will be available on Xbox 360.

"I could buy them for my brand new PC"   If your PC costs 400-500 dollars, odds are you won't need a very noticeable difference in graphical quality.  Heck, most upper echelon graphics cards will run you at least $300 just by itself.

I'll be happy to buy your games for $15 each so you can put that money down towards buying a new PC for $500 to play the latest new games coming out. I hear the new Farming Simulator runs flawless on new PCs with onboard graphics in that price range.

As a ps4 owner and fan I have to say my newly purchased Xbox one is loads of fun. It's not all about resolution fps. It about the games and the community. I have come on these forums and asked probably a lot of stupid questions and everyone has been very polite and helpful, that alone makes me happy with my purchase.

And we will continue to help everyone in any way we can. As long as it's asked politely and is well thought out. There is a difference between asking and complaining. There is a lot of people on here that use the term "we" when making threads, thinking that they speak for the whole xbox community (Although this one didn't). Well they do not. A lot us couldn't be more happy with our purchase! And when we state that we like it or are happy with it we are called fanboys. Well if that's the case and I am a fanboy, so bet it. I can live with it. At least I was smart enough to buy something I like.

My black brick is awesome, thank you. I'm going to cram Titanfall tonight before it goes offline if it hasn't already.

I purchased an xbox one and also decided to build a pc.  I've had my pc for about two weeks.  I'm loving it,but I would recommend keeping your one for the time being if you decide to build a pc.  I prefer first person shooters on console at this point.  It takes time to become proficient with keyboard and mouse.  Single player games look gorgeous and run smooth on pc....and there are MMOs.  There are also tons of gams that are not available on console.  You can participate in alpha games like dayz.  There are legit mods that can be more fun than the actual game.  Switching between the internet and a game is very convenient.  Pc is the all in one machine.  I sit on my couch and play it on my 50" plasma.  I have a wireless kb&m on my coffee table, though you can use controllers if you prefer.

Pc is more work and has a higher cost up front for an ultra level build....but in the long run it is a good investment.  My with all peripherals(monitor, headset, gaming mouse and keyboard, extra ssd and an OS) cost nearly $2000....but it can play all games 1080p, ultra graphics with extremely high fps.  80-200.  (With the exception of crisis and metro, I haven't them yet, but Someone with the same build got around 60fps.)

Today's consoles are pcs limited by the average gamers budget.

The real advantage in console is the convenience.  The initial cost is also lower.  It would be difficult to build a pc equivalent to the xbox one for $500.  I could go on and on, but this is an xbox forum and I love xbox so I'll just leave it at that.

For me personally, the ONE is most certainly the "Wrong purchase" and you ONE proponents can relax a bit for I feel the same way about the PS4.  I prefer to compare the ONE to its predecessor, and here's how I rate it against the 360, after all the ONE is supposed to be an "upgrade", right?

Graphics:  I agree on graphics being "secondary" which is the biggest argument that I see when the ONE's pixel shortcomings are pointed out, however, it's something worthy of note when considering this, a major purchase for many.  The graphics comparisons to the PS4 reveal a minor edge in Sony's favour, and I feel the same way about the ONE's "improvement" in display over the 360, really not THAT much of an upgrade, especially when you know what a good PC's Graphics card can do if you're really wanting an upgrade.  It's no deal breaker/maker, for the graphics are "secondary" right?


Kinect:  As much as this technology impresses me on an engineering level, it's not something that I care to have in my home and the 360 makes it an attractive OPTION for those who wish to purchase it, a clear edge to the 360 for me.  The talk about how much the new Kinect makes the old one look like a toy is a bunch of crap.  If it's so much better it's because the new Kinect does a lot of things that the old one was supposed to do but didn't.  The fact that it's not an optional purchase for the ONE IS a deal breaker for me personally.


The GAMES!:  This is the single biggest advantage that the 360 has over the ONE.  "It's all about the games", right?  The 360 boasts the single best gaming library next to the PC, and it's a fact that the greatest games ever made are playable on a 360 but not on the ONE.  The ONE will likely NEVER rival the 360 in this category, again, the ONE "exclusives" are overhyped.  Firstly, the ones everybody is going on about haven't even been released yet!  Yet, the ONE has more and better exclusives than the 360?!  Secondly, some of them aren't even ONE "exclusives" to begin with, in addition to being released for the PC, is 'Titanfall' (a title that doesn't interest me in the least) not being released for the 360 as well?  But of course, this is where the graphics suddenly become more than just "secondary"!  The 360 has a clear edge in games available to play, and the ONE will have to engineer the single greatest run of developing for many years if they ever hope to even be considered as good as what's available (and still being made available) for the 360.  'Forza 5'?  I'm not too big on driving games, but I thought that 'Forza 3' was the best driving game I'd ever played, so much so that I bought 'Forza 4', and it wasn't nearly as good as the 3rd one, still I'm supposed to think that 'Forza 5' (or even 'HALO 5' for that matter) justifies purchasing this overhyped Kinect Bundle?  Sorry, the 360 has a clear edge in the gaming department, it's not even close.


Music & Videos:  The PC is my preferred platform for Music & Videos, but still I like that I can once in awhile stick a thumbstick into my 360 and watch/listen to these precious files, something I hear (yes, second hand for I don't own a ONE) that I can't do on a ONE which supposedly "does it all".  Another, if not so much a clear one, edge to the 360.


User Friendly or "SIMPLE" to use:  Again, hearing second-hand accounts but the ONE appears to be much more complicated to use when wanting to do a "SIMPLE" task such as seeing who is online, or wanting to invite them to a game or party.  If this is indeed the case, another big edge to the 360.  Gotta like that word "SIMPLE" being set against the oversized ONE Green Screen at the big reveal last May, sorry to keep using the same word but "overhyped" is the first thing that comes to mind.


Blu-Ray:  Here's a clear edge to the ONE for the simple reason that the 360 doesn't have one.  But again, OVERHYPED, if I wanted a console with a Blu-Ray I would've purchased a PS3 years ago, the ONE's Blu-Ray isn't anything innovative, the fact that they've caught up to what SONY had been doing years ago is supposed to be a ONE dealmaker?.  Two of the 5 PC's in my home have Blu-Ray technology and it's something that I have to remind myself of, "oh yeah, this one has Blu-Ray" for I've never once bought a Blu-Ray Disc in my life.  Resolution is supposed to be "secondary", right?


There's no other conclusion that I can make from what I get personally from my very satisfying 360 experience that the ONE is a significant DOWNGRADE and something that I will never have in my household.  Sorry, but this Kinect Bundle isn't for me, but happy to hear that it's the best thing since sliced bread for some of you here...:-)



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