Xbox One with an A/V Receiver

Last year I bought a new home theater and have since really loved being able to switch inputs using my receiver. I searched around the internet and I couldn't really find definitive answers on a couple of questions I have. Let me start off by telling you what my current plan is. I would like to have all my devices pass through my receiver and then out through the Xbox One and into my TV. However, I would like to actually use my 5.1 surround sound, so I will try and set all my audio jacks to work through the digital audio port on the back of the Xbox One, so audio should (hopefully) traverse through my receiver, into the Xbox One (where the console will add its own sounds), and then out through the digital audio port back into the receiver to play.  *sigh?* it really sounds more complicated than it should be, but that's the plan. I don't want to use a splitter, and the concept of having the Xbox One overlay on top of say, my PC, sounds really appealing to me.

First question, will the Xbox One allow me to set up the IR blaster to send specific signals to change from input to input? For instance, can I create a command somewhere where I can select or record my voice command "Xbox, change to TV" or "Xbox, change to 360" or "Xbox, change to PC" and then record an IR signal using my controller that it will send to the TV. I haven't heard about this, but I would really like to see it happen.

Second question, I've seen videos showing how the Xbox One can snap different apps to the side, and I noticed there is no audio. Will I be able to configure that so that I can maybe have 50:50 or 100:0 or 0:100 depending on what I prefer? It's kind of useless watching TV without sound and subtitles that are scaled down to the size of the image.

I might add more questions later on if I think of any.


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To answer your first question, I know there are some other people on here that are wanting to do the same as you and have all your devices connected to the receiver and the receiver connected to the X1. I'm sure it would work, but you won't be able to use voice to change inputs from what I've read and seen.

As for the snap feature, it hasn't really been talked about whether you can adjust the ratio of the snap window or not, but I'm thinking it's going to be set to a specific ratio and that's it. Sorry I couldn't help more.

I too am having a similar issue.  I have every device going through my receiver.  I plug my HDMI OUT cable into the XBOX On e and then into my TV.  Since my Cable box goes through HDMI 1 on my receiver and the OUT the Monitor Out to the XBOX, when I select a game on the XBOX I cannot get any sound because it feeds the signal back on the HDMI cable to the Monitor Out.  Any ideas on how I can hear TV and then switch to a game and hear the sound?

I ended up not even using my receiver with the console because the integration was terrible. I am even considering just using my cable box separately because I am often finding myself waiting abnormally long for it to even show up and work properly.

Maybe im not understanding you right, but here is how i have mine setup.

I have WD-MediaPlayer, Bluray, Xbox360 and Xbox One connected to my reciever via Hdmi.

My TV decoder is input into the Xbox One.

My reciever outputs all to my TV via Hdmi.

This setup works great, as i can easilly switch any device with one remote.