Xbox One will not power on or synch audio over HDMI

Sorry if this has been answered before, the search didn't return anything from the forums.

1) Periodically the Xbox One power button will not power on, it might make a noise to the touch but the button will not light up. I have to unplug the power from the back of the unit and plug it back in to "reset" it. Not sure how to resolve this. Normally the system works with my Harmony remote but this issue keeps occurring. I expect it to just work. So not sure if this is a software or hardware issue in order for it to be resolved.

2) Starting last week I noticed that there are times where the Xbox One will power on but the stereo receiver will not get a "clean" signal for the audio. I have a Yamaha receiver and the receiver is showing that the audio signal is unstable. The unit is attached but a 4ft HDMI cable so doubt it's noise. To "fix" it I can stop the console, unplug the Xbox One console from the back, plug it back in and restart the Xbox One. That fixes the audio issue. Restarting the console without unplugging it doesn't resolve it. Again not sure if it is a software or hardware issue.

Not sure if there are settings that could "avoid" the issue but it is really annoying as it is the cable pass through, so the lazy "users" don't want to get up off the couch to fix it. If it is a hardware issue I'd like to send it in, but if it's just likely software will ride out my first world problems.

Regards, Michael


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