Xbox One: Whats specs are written on top


I have seen a couple of unboxing Xbox One videos and they always have a sticker covering specs on top of the X1. What is MS hiding? They have reveled the specs to us, so what else is written under that sticker?


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I honestly didn't know the specs were on top of the Xbox One lol.

Could it just be the specs we already know about? I can't see it being anything else at this late date.

I agree, but why hide them? Not that it matters, I think Ryse, Quantum Break and Forza show how powerful the X1 is.

This video shows what i mean:

^ I believe the unboxing video in the link is quite an old one so it might have been shown before the specs were revealed, would explain why they are covered up.

Like you it doesn't matter to me either way, from what I've seen of the Xbox One so far it ticks all my boxes so to speak, Games, Xbox LIVE, Kinect, Features, really can't wait to try it all out.

I would guess that any unboxing would be of a dev unit rather than retail. Specs were probably not finalized at that point. We know the speed the CPU and GPU are running at was changed very late on.

From what I have seen, the areas that are covered have white stickers under there with some reference info and QR codes for the debug units used for tracking. Not something that I think will be on the retail consoles.