XBOX ONE, what is the best time or how long to send it in to be fixed

I want to know because the problems that im having, I want them to have found the problem and fixed it befor i send out mine because if is send mine out now they will end up sending me another one with the same problems because they have not found out how to fix it yet. So what i am asking is when do you think they will find and fix most of the XBOX ONE problems and send me one back with the problems fixed.  

The problems

Power box/brick making buzzing sound

Fan is loud

Makes huerrrrrrr noises when i put in a disc or start up my xbox one with one all ready in it. but only happens when its reading it then it stops and is quiet.

The disc drive makes a chirping sound

Xbox makes like a gergaling sound some times.

It gets slow all the time.

And more......................


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Depends if you want to put a credit to your account and get an advanced shipment. If not your going to have to wait a week or two like every other person

No need to make 2 threads asking the same question.

I just held on to my until my Gamestop got another shipment and just exchanged it. I wasn't going to worry about sending it in.

This is a bit shocking to read less then a month out and the thing already breaking down on people!

You make it sound like every Xbox one has these issues. They do not. My machine is quiet as anything and that's the power brick, console and disc drive. You have to understand some consoles will have defects or issues. This is not microsofts lack of software updates or anything, they are manufacturing defects. All these problems do not need resolution, you just need to send your console in and wait for replacement. I am sorry to hear you are having issues.

By the way I see this exact same post not one page down. Please do not repost the same topic more than once, it clutters the forums. You can bump it if you feel it needs more attention.