Xbox One USD 3 HDD enclosure's For 3.5Inc Drives

So I decided to go in town again, just to pick up a copy of Metal Gear Solid.. but I ended up buying an hard disk drive enclosure :/ oh and a Pack of 4 AA Panasonic eneloop pro 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery's for my controller ... lol

Anyway after messing around moving games from my usb powered 2.5inc 5200rpm drive and feeling how hot it gets while gaming I decided I was going to upgrade to something more suited to the job, just for peace of mind.

I picked up from Maplin's an PROBOX USB 3 enclosure for 3.5inc hard disk drives and fitted a Seagate 1TB 7200rpm drive I have, which was intended to be used in another PC build.

I was wondering if anyone here has tried or is using an USB 3 RAID Box For there games drive on the Xbox One? .. this is something I will upgrade to at a later date.

like I say I just feel a full size PC HDD will be more suited to the job at hand for long term use. I guess I will let you know if I get any issues.

I have read a few people who moan about the Xbox One Controller eats battery's, so I also decided to buy a Pack of quality branded rechargeable battery's

rated at 2500mAh ,two of those gives the controller quite a nice 5000mAh of battery life, there charging up as I type so I will also post how long they last between charges  for anyone who's interested

I have to admit they are not cheap, I paid £13.95 for a pack of 4 AA, although these come from Maplin's to so chances are you will find them cheaper elsewhere.

I guess I will get Metal Gear Solid next time lol ..


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lol hang on I think I worked the battery life out wrong :/

I think it's still has 2500mAh with two battery's not 5000mAh due to being 3v bank not 1.5v? correct me if I'm wrong lol :/

I think you would be better off with the standard Xbox Charge & Play kit.

You can use an external RAID on the XB1, but the external RAID must have a built in RAID controller for it to work. You can't use software RAID to join/mirror the disks like you can in Windows. And you have to setup the RAID before you connect it to the XB1. If you don't, it will just show up in the Xbox OS as two (or more) drives.

If the batteries are in series the voltage doubles and the Mah remains the same.  Two AA's  at 1.5v 2500 mah = 3v 2500 mah


If the batteries are in parallel the voltage is the same and the Mah doubles. Two AA 1.5v 2500 mah = 1.5v 5000mah

I nearly got an icey raid box but £99, kind of put me off .. so just got single enclosure... started to think the performance gains from a raid box don't really warrant the extra cost

If I taken into account I would really need to install raid performance HDD's

For example, by the time I installed 2x 2TB WD RE HDD's my Raid_0 4TB storage has cost me a whooping £348 :o

Lol rethink and decided what I have will do ... heh

Not savvy with the calculations, but I prefer rechargeable and use them in lots of devices around the house, so I purchased this pack of 16 2900mAh batteries for around £26 and a decent charger (actually brought 2 of these) and I have been using these for 9 months and very happy with them.  Only subjective rating, but a single set will easily last 2 weeks of "normal" usage

I get my rechargeable battery XBOX1 pack for like $3.  Come with the little cord as well.

yea I could of bought cheap battery's or battery pack, but I wanted long lasting between charges, long life time holding charge

also these don't fade holding their charge as quick as normal rechargeable battery's, no recharge memory so can topped up without effecting the battery.

even after 2 years of charging they are guaranteed to hold at least 75%

a $3 battery might be cheap but not what I wanted.