Xbox one tv remote

Ok, how my living room is setup, my cable box has to be in the corner because it's the only cable outlet, so I have a long hdmi cable from my cable box to my xb1. I like using my xb1 to watch tv, but is there anyway to type in the number of the channels rather than having to scroll through every channel? I know I can still use my cable remote, but then I have to stand and point it at the cable box it sometimes doesn't work.

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The "Harmony" universal remote would probably work for both devices. Well, at least for Xbox One it does :P

Alright thanks, it'd be a great idea to be able to use the smart glass app with the tv and type in the channel numbers with that...but that would make too much sense for microsoft

I'm just hoping they bring out all the accessories for the Xbox One like they did with the 360 but more modern looking. I can't wait to see what the Chatpad for the Xbox One looks like :)