I was just wondering how would I go about connecting my TV to my X1 because I only have a standard DirecTv receiver and it does not have any HDMI ports. It only has a USB slot 


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i dont' believe you can unless your receiver supports HDMI

You would have to get a HDMI converter or a cable that has a HDMI connector on one end and rca connectors on the other end.

Would this work????

It would, but you're better off going with a converter because with that cable I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get 1080 output.

ok, you maybe link me to one? Because I don't want to order the wrong  thing. This is how the back of receiver looks:

I still want to know if Freeview HD will work with the Xbox One if so I'll get a cheap HD box

Or since he pays for direct tv he can call them up and get a new box from them. I just did it for att since I got a new tv. They just gave me one. So try that first

@proneto did they give you one for free or did you have to pay anything?