Xbox one turning projector completely off.

Not sure if anyone else has run into this issue or have any workarounds but I figure posting is worth a shot. I use a projector and receiver with my xbox one and have gotten the turn on/off commands to work. The receiver works great to turn On and off but the problem i am having is that when I turn off my projector (like any other projectors I have ever used) it takes two off commands to actually shut it off. The first off command just triggers the prompt to turn it off and the second off command confirms that you want to turn it off. So does anyone know how to make the xbox trigger the command twice or any other ideas to workaround this to get the projector turned off completely? I have already checked my projector settings and have not seen any way to turn the projector off with only one off command. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

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The way I have my projector wired is with a 12v trigger from my amp. Most amp/receivers will have a "trigger out" that you can hook up a cable that looks like a headphone 1/8" cable. Does your projector have a "trigger in"?

When my amp turns on, it sends a signal down the cable and the projector automatically turns on. Same with off. You can tell the xbox to ignore the projector and the amp will take of it.  

That is a great idea about the trigger. I took a look and it only has the trigger out on my projector for  the screen. No trigger for turning the projector on and off. I think I'm just going to be stuck with it the way it is for now until I find a way to do it over rs232 or something and have the xbox trigger that.