Xbox One turned itself off and now won't turn on.

Bought an Xbox One 6 days ago. Was using it last night. Suddenly, it turned itself off. If I try and turn it on, the LED on the power supply flashes orange and then goes out. Console doesn't turn on. I guessed it must be a power supply issue, so did all the usual stuff (unplug/plug back in, check nothing has overheated, try lots of different sockets) but nothing worked. I did a live chat with Microsoft support. They told me I they would send me a new power supply, but said I had to send my current one back first. I asked them what address I would have to send it back to, and they said I would get an email with all that information. That was last night - still no email and Xbox still not working. Can anyone either tell me how I can fix this problem or how I can find out why I haven't got an email/how to find out where to send my power supply to? I have a reference number for the replacement request. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Reference number for the order is [Mod removed]

You are not allowed to post reference numbers on the forums.

Give support a ring on 0800 587 1102 & they should be able to help you.

To be honest,if you only bought the console 6 days ago I would take it back to the shop & get a replacement.