Xbox One total disappointment?

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This is my first post on this forum and something tells me this subject might have been covered before?

When I got my xbox one I was so excited after having seen the game trailer with the amazing graphics and features of the console.

Once I had set it all up (with loads of issues connecting to live). the first thing I noticed was I wasn't that impressed with the speed that the console operates, I feel its slow and im forever watching the spinning circle. I also have a problem with how difficult the menu system is to operate, specifically the party's and chat. It throws my and friends I play with out of party chat but it doesn't tell the person that has been thrown out, leaving you to think everyone's ignoring you or that they have left the chat. Joining chat isn't that great either. Why have to turn on the party chat? if i join a party it is for the sole reason of chatting with friends.

My main issues are with the only game I play on the one, Battlefield 4, now I know this isn't an issue that is directly to do with Microsoft. The multiplayer gaming quality is really poor, I don't know if its the hit detection or its really bad latency. I have recorded so many clips of multiplayer game play with terrible one on one gunfights, in fact id say 60% of the times I die are due to bad hit detection or poor latency. I have watched the clips back a frame at a time and I can clearly see the bullets hitting the opponent but they will proceed to then kill me and have 100% health after doing so. I have switched up my load out to compensate but when you are spraying unaware enemies in the back with a semi auto shotgun with buckshot and a duckbill at pretty much point blank range and they just turn around and take you out with one shot from a carbine, I don't think any alterations to a load out will help. My kill death ratio has gone from 1.91 to 1.55 since playing on the one, my gaming skill or ability has not altered, nor has my 80meg fibre optic connection.


In summary I could go on forever with the faults on BF4 and the things I don't like about the operating system, im just curious to hear from other people and there opinions of the one. After all, knocking on for £500 is a lot of money to be met with disappointment?


Thanks for listening BP


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I think its pretty fast. Mabe poor connection,you did say you had trouble connecting to xbox live.

Bf4 works really good since the updates.

I love it so far

The X1 doesn't get everything right but there are some definite highlights. It is far from a total disappointment!!!

Things I love:

How quiet it is! Much quieter than my other console I got recently that gets quite loud when reading a disc.

Being able to shut it down at night and then fire it back up the next day and jump straight back into my game.

Face recognition is always a cool party trick.

Launch games while not being ground breaking are very solid and I'm still enjoying them.

Love the controller.

Clarity/quality of chat.

Things that need fixing:

Party Chat

System freezing from time to time which needs a hard reset to fix.

Smart Glass not working properly

Voice controls for New Zealand (hurry up!!)

No battery indicator.

No HDD options

Being able to customise the home screen. Thinking along the lines of backgrounds etc.

All in all I'm still enjoying it and playing some great games. Best of all is it'll only get better :)

X1 is not a plug and play console.  Spend an hour setting it up and calibrating it correctly and it is a great console but not completely polished yet.  As for BF4, the game is broken on every platform.  If it's a "total disappointment" why not just return it?  Me -- I can't wait to get my annual bonus so that I can buy another one.

I'm not at all fond of how every menu seems to behave like an app where you have to close current active programs and wait for the other app to load. The 360 was extremely fast for the simple tasks such as messaging your friends, checking achievements and your active downloads. The software, albeit in its early stages, needs some rework. Playing CoD:Ghosts I wanted to message and add a player in game between intermission and it took so many steps to do just that; drop to the dashboard, launch friends app, message/add, wait for sending, back to dashboard, load ghosts again, game's already started.

I think it is fast moving in and out of different apps. I had no issues installing the XBONE from day one; Im happy with my purchase as this is my first x box.