Xbox One to Win 10 LAN Streaming

So I want to stream my Xbox one to my PC In order to capture & stream games in better quality then what is possible otherwise, how ever i have Bright House For internet, (Time Warner Cable in disguise) Seeing as how i have the console & PC set up next to each other, i got to the idea to plug a LAN cable into both (Connecting to each other directly) hoping that someone at Microsoft thought of people doing this in advance. And to my dismay no one had, and so i pose this question "Is it possible to stream an Xbox one to a PC via LAN cable at all, and if so how?"


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iBakze i did bridge them

markmoore793 that's what i thought but in an old statement from an unnamed Xbox division person it goes out over the net. if it was currently LAN streaming there would be no problems. my ISP only gives 9 Mbps on an average day. however my router can handle 100+ Mbps

Crossover cable rather than an ethernet cable will probably do the trick, however you could just bridge the connection.

If the PCs are on the same home network, then you should be able to stream to it regardless, negating the need for the direct cable from device to device

?  Not quite sure I understand the question.  If your XBox and your PC are on the same home network, pretty sure the stream doesn't leave your network.   Technically it wouldn't make sense to do so.  So if they are on the same network, then the speed is limited not by your internet provider, but by the speed of your wifi or cables.  I am fully wired with Gigabit ethernet and streaming is silky smooth.

Depending on your situation, I would consider seeing if you can hook both Xbox and PC with ethernet.

In the scenario you are trying to do, I think you would need an ethernet crossover cable rather than a standard cable

i have an extra router and more LAN cables, can it be done with a dummy network or does it need to go out over the net before it bounces back

If you bridge network connections it should be possible but you would also need a second Ethernet cable to connect your PC back to your router or connect back via a wifi connection.

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