XBOX One takes down my 5GHz Wi-Fi when powered on.


Within 30 sec of turning my XBOX One on, my 5GHz Wi-Fi network starts to have issues unless my XBOX One is also connected via 5GHZ Wi-Fi.


I have two windows tablets, 1 windows phone that are using my 5GHz network fine all day long, until i got my XBOX One and powered it up connected via an Ethernet cable.

As soon as I power my One down and it is off, my 5GHz network comes back up just fine!

I noticed this pattern so I thought I'd try using the 5GHz network for my One.  I disconnected the Ethernet and set up my 5GHz SSID on the One and it connected great.  I tested via some game downloads, turning off and on, and streaming some HULU.  While I was doing this on my One, I was also using my tablets and phone on 5GHz without issue!

The second I plugged the Ethernet cable in, the 5GHz dropped on all Wi-Fi devices in my house!

What is the XBOX One doing on 5GHz when you plug an Ethernet in?  It must not be really turning the Wi-Fi radio off...

Anyone else see this?


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If I'm alone, i'll fire off a support ticket...  Please chime in if you see this too.

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