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Alright everyone, before I start I would like to state I do have a regular account on here, I just forgot my email address I used for it. 

But I have a question for anyone that may work at Target or anywhere that regularly gets shipments, DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU GUYS GET MORE XBOX ONES? My target has been sold out for the past month and all surrounding ones, but one that is about 2 hours away told me that they will be receiving  a shipment of 30 during the holidays. Will they more than likely be here Thursday sometime, or will it be Friday sometime? I've been trying to get one of these things forever. 


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Odd. They should have had more than enough shipped to all retailers? Hate to ask this but where is this target?

Sams Club and Wal-Mart has them online now. I just deleted one out if my cart earlier.

I hate both those stores for different reasons....

The target that is getting new stock is in Texarkana, TX. The ones in Sherman, DFW, and Tyler sell out immediately and don't get anything new until a week later. Takes a little bit longer for the Texarkana one to sell out because it is a smaller city.

Why not just buy it online right now?

If you rather wait on Target to get them in stock, then let us know how that works out.

Somewhat understandable if its a somewhat small city but, unexpected to say the least. well, guess MS has a good following in Texas.

Well, I pretty much have to go to target because I have a card that can be used there with a total of $567.33 on it. I already tried to order one on the internet, but they can only be bought in stores.

OK, wow so close but so far. These things are being sold all over the Internet and are in stores most place I've been.

Good Luck, you'll get One soon.

I would not buy anything from Target right now unless you want to be targeted by someone for credit card fraud.

I have seen them in stock at Cosco.  You even save 20 dollars as it's priced cheaper for members.