Xbox One Suggestions/Feedback

Below are my suggestions/feedback for improving the Xbox One experience.

-Auto sign-in without using the Kinect. Every time I start the console even from a standby state, I always have to manually login.

-My Apps and Games has been improved greatly. However, for the apps section, can we have the app types split into two sections. One for Xbox made apps (Example: Xbox Video, Xbox Music, etc) and the other for Third Party Apps (Example: Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, etc.)

-3D Blu-ray playback support. I'm not able to play any 3d movies even if the 2D version is on the same disc. I'm unable to play quite a few of my Blu-rays because of this.

-Notifications for game updates that are in the queue. I've been going to queue and noticing that there are updates for games waiting to be installed but I have to insert the disc first.

-A shortcut to get to Settings. The best option I see is to pin it but if I'm not logged in, this option does not work.

-An option from the GUI to hard power the system off. Currently in the Power menu within Settings, it powers it off to the Standby state. It would be helpful to have both options available from the User Interface.

-A way to manually check for System Updates and Install if available. I've not been able to get Xbox One updates and I have to run the diag tool from a USB. I've been following the instructions for leaving it in Standby mode over night and it never updates.

Comments are welcomed.


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Try posting in the feedback forum??

Btw, you don't need to pin the Settings, just "Start" click a tile and settings menu pop up. It takes a second, if that long.

@AngryVato. I know that this is another option. However, it's not apparent at first. I was thinking along the lines of having a Setting tile at the top left near the Notifications and Login tiles section.

Also it would not be auto login but default login which are completion different things. You can say xbox go to settings, I found it to be the quickest way. I agree with most of the options you mention, I would not use some but can see they would be very useful to others.

Seems like you do not utilise the Kinect.. or voice commands.. Xbox goto settings...   done...

I think there is a setting for remaining logged in... might want to check yours.. see if it is clicked...

Cant help you with the disc update.... I went full digital...

The updates occur when you low power down... and will grab the update..however... it will only DL that update during your OFF peek hours... usually after 11PM.. if not.. try a hard power cycle during off peak hours...

The apps and games will evolved when more apps and games are available...

If there is an option to keep us signed in I can't find it either. Just an option to turn off Kinect sign in.

I'm the only one using my One so I'd like to see that feature too, Kinect sign in is still hit or miss depending on lighting.

The reason I don't always use the voice commands is because they don't always work. This usually happens when there is background noise. Also, sometimes I don't want to make noise. This would be a nice alternative for those reasons.

I tried a hard power cycle multiple times and it doesn't work. The console was on a low power state from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am local time. This has occurred for the last 3 updates.

There already are quite a few apps to select from when you view both Xbox and third party apps. Family/Friends usually have hard time finding apps since they have to scroll right to find the one they are looking for.

I also would like to be able to manually search and install updates. I don't use Instant On setting since I have another TV of same brand in the room for my wife. If I turn on my Xbox with voice through Kinect, it turns her TV on or off depending on the status of it when I power up or down.

Dunns... if you have family members having problems.. just about ANYTHING can be pinned to homescreen.. easily found then... even single episodes from Netflix can be pinned...even still XBOX GOTO "X" works for just about everything...

Recalibrate your kinect with the volume higher than you would normally play it at... my K works about 95% when given the correct command... sometimes it is my fault for not saying XBOX first....and even with the TV on... or my tablet playing music... I can speak at almost a whisper volume it and it hears me...

The update will come... dont worry... it rolls out in bunches and everyone should have it by the weekend...

@THIB As mentioned from my post above. Sometimes I don't want to use the voice commands because of it being noisy and how I don't want to make noise when it's late. Also, my family/friends don't care for the feature especially when it doesn't work all the time or it does something else then they asked for. I don't want to have a ton of pins for every thing I use. It would defeat the entire purpose of the pin feature. I've already calibrated it multiple times and it even tells you to turn the volume up when calibrating.

I waited multiple days after for the update in February and it didn't update. I've already ran the diag tool to update it to the latest version. Having a manual update check would help this scenario. I've seen plenty other people complain about this. Just because something works for you, doesn't mean it should be a fit for everyone else. Also, just because you wouldn't use the manual update check, doesn't mean others wouldn't as well.