Xbox One Suggestions/Feedback

If this is not the correct place for feedback/suggestions please let me know where.

-Auto sign-in without using the Kinect. Every time I start the console even from a standby state, I always have to manually login.

-My Apps and Games has been improved greatly. However, for the apps section, can we have the app types split into two sections. One for Xbox made apps (Example: Xbox Video, Xbox Music, etc) and the other for Third Party Apps (Example: Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, etc.)

-3D Blu-ray playback support. I'm not able to play any 3d movies even if the 2D version is on the same disc. I'm unable to play quite a few of my Blu-rays because of this.

-Notifications for game updates that are in the queue. I've been going to queue and noticing that there are updates for games waiting to be installed but I have to insert the disc first.

-A shortcut to get to Settings. The best option I see is to pin it but if I'm not logged in, this option does not work.

-An option from the GUI to hard power the system off. Currently in the Power menu within Settings, it powers it off to the Standby state. It would be helpful to have both options available from the User Interface.

-A way to manually check for System Updates and Install if available. I've not been able to get Xbox One updates and I have to run the diag tool from a USB. I've been following the instructions for leaving it in Standby mode over night and it never updates.

Comments are welcomed.


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