Xbox One Streaming to Windows 10 - How do you use it?

So I've been researching this function of the Xbox One for a while now as I'm planning on buying one, and the response seems to be hugely negative. Maybe I'm in a bit of niche but I think as PC gamer I'm actually going to find this feature incredibly useful, and always wanting to create some positivity I thought I'd explain why I think it's useful and invite others to share their positive experiences with this feature.

So I'm a PC gamer these days. I haven't used a console in years and my setup reflects that. I've got a large monitor hooked to a gaming rig that's blu-ray capable. Wireless 360 controller and keyboard/mouse make gaming from my bed as comfortable as any console experience I've had. I output all my audio through bluetooth headphones so I don't disturb my wife or wake my daughter when playing. Life is good. But I've got the itch to play Halo again, so what's the best way for me to do that? If I get a 360 I'll have to completely change my setup to provide the same functionality that I've grown accustomed to because it won't work with my current inputs/outputs without constant rebinding and swapping.

Or I could get an Xbox One (and wireless controller adapter for my PC), stream it to my PC so I've got all the same inputs/outputs without lifting a finger. I'd have all my gaming needs from a single source, and get a controller upgrade to boot. What's not to love?

Of course having native PC support for most Xbox or even PS4 games would be the most ideal, but that's just not the world we live in. If I want to play halo I need an Xbox, and this new streaming feature will integrate into my PC space seamlessly. It may be useless to some, and an insult for others, but to me with my realistic understanding of the market and my needs in my situation this feature is a huge benefit.

So who else actually finds this feature useful?


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Its brilliant. Download the app on your laptop and connect to your xb1. The only drawback is when you are playing a disc based game it needs to be running in the console. I use the streaming feature more and more. Can be sat in the front room playing xb1 whilst wifey is watching tv. Whats not to like. If your connection is good it is seamless.