Xbox one streaming over openvpn

Hi Guys, Just wanted to share my experience so far on streaming over openvpn.  The goods news is that it works. The biggest problem will always be latency etc and the quality of our internet connection. My first mistake was not brining a controller to work to try. I got around this but using smartglass on my second pc with openvpn so i could use the controller on the smartglass to get where i wanted to be. (will bring controller in tomorrow) to try

My biggest issue was using the wireless network at work, I struggled to maintain a good enough connection for long enough. This was made 10 times better when I connected i to the work Ethernet,  my Xbox at home is Ethernet connected to reduce latency and signal loss. Lets face it I doubt if I will ever be playing call of duty over VPN but a number games do not require so many things going on.

My test tomorrow will be with controller and say games like RISK to start with, I tried streaming a movie today off my media hard drive indoors and this worked, but was rather glitchy while i was on WiFi. More time tomorrow to test Ethernet for these features.

Just for some useful information i have a 100mbp with virgin media at home but work is only 10mbps. the bigger problem is the upload speeds not downloads speeds. Ill test this tomorrow and see how it goes.

The ability to log into some games briefly while at work appeals to me quite a bit. For example Dragon Age inquisitions  with the war table quests. I can log on very easily and start another get the idea.

Anyway be interested in other peoples experiences as i have not found much on this since game streaming was launched on preview.

What I used:

xbox one at home

Net gear R7000 using Net gear openvpn (was so easy to setup compared to DDWRT) at home

Windows 10 tablet (streaming to) at work

Windows 7 PC (used smarglass at same time as windows 10) at work

Work ethernet.


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