Xbox one Streaming DNLA content

I am able to "Pull" DNLA content from 360, and was not happy that Xbox one can only be streamed to (receiving device). MS need to address this but until they do, there is a workaround but you will need a smartphone. For windows 7 you just have to "add device" (make sure xbox one on and connected to network). Rather  than having to go upstairs to pc and use "Play to" I use my smart phone to initiate the streaming. I use an app called bubblepnp (GalaxyS4). set the library to the pc files and the renderer to the xbox one. If you are using Windows XP you will need a dnla server program, I use "Mezzmo". you will need to set up the library of file locations you want to share and check in the devices tab that your pc can see the xbox one. Then again use "bubblepnp" to initiate the streaming. set library on "bubblepnp" to "mezzmo" or whatever you named the library on your pc.


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Easier streaming things straight to tv,  or banging movies & stuff on a memory stick & put that straight in the tv, again why things like this was overlooked is beyond me, this update that's due gonna be a big one just putting right what was on the 360

It was overlooked because after last years E3, Microsoft had to change huge amounts of code to have 24 hour connection removed, the DRM removed etc.


Now I'm no coder, but I know a few and they are always saying that as soon as you start changing one part, it effects other parts, which then requires work etc etc.  

The DNLA support is good, but the need to be on xbox live to use it is not good. This should be able to be accessed from the Xbox one with no live connection needed. This is what to me is overlooked. With the 360, this service was available on or offline as it should be. This should be corrected. This is a good product, I enjoy my one and still have my360, but some basics such as this should not be online dependent. A full home entertainment system should not be so confined as the Xbox One is.

I'm in agreement with Sinester about the offline connectivity for the DLNA support.