Xbox One Stereo Adapter and Controller has problems

This thing is a PoS. I have to choose between chat and game chat (found out you can turn game volume off) but the chat is volume and quality is terrible. The main part you plug into the controller is HUGE, I'm sure there are players with bigger fingers than me and i don't see how they can actually use this thing without going insane. The game audio on this thing is so half-****ed for some Next-Gen device. They really need to do like they did to the 360 and make the thing you plug into the controller smaller and the thing you control the audio with on the wire that connects to the mic . If i had known that the One was going to have this many issues with chat And adapters i would have bought a PS4. Just because they wanted to make little extra money with selling adapters, new mic, not even keep the same 2.5mm jack. You have to jam the l start button on the controller to get the scoreboard on BF or to press pause. I am just appalled at what this greedy corporation has done to a "Next-Gen" console just to make a few extra dollars.


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You're the first person I know that has complained about the adapter being too big, and I've definitely never heard anyone preferring the old volume/mute on the wire over the new adapter. :)  The audio is definitely horrible though - sounds like 4-bit recording at a low rate and much worse than an old digital answering machine!!