Xbox One sound popping/crackling on 5.1 surround.

I've seen many posts about this issues but none of the "solutions" for fixing the issue work. The audio pops/crackles whenever something with alot of bass hits. This can be during a game or in a movie. I use the same surround sound for every input and it only does this through my XB1. Not DISH or my 360 have this issue. Nothing I'm trying works! People had this so called solutions like hard resets, unplugging and plugging back in the HDMI and/or power. Making sure it's tight. Or trying to clear the Alternative Mac settings, or changing the 5.1 to DTS. It all failed!

Here's something else that's confusing. When I mute my surround sound and use the TV speakers I don't get the popping. Which would make you think it's the speakers. Yet, those speakers don't have that issue anywhere other than my XB1. Makes no sense to me. I did just get a new TV but again, every other input works except for the XB1. Even changed it to another input and still got the popping sounds. I isolated a video clip where I always heard the popping so I could tell right away. This same clip doesn't pop when I watch it on my 360.

So... any new ideas of how this can be fixed?


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