Xbox one shutting down on its own.

Is anyone having a problem, where your playing a game and mid way through the game the console shuts down.  It happens 20 mins or so in the game but at the dashboard no problems.  Please need help!!!  Any suggestions?


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I played Ryse for a solid three hours and I've had no problems.

Do you have two tabs opened on your web browser.

Although I'm only setting up my console and getting used to it. Did you check your 'Power and Start Up' option in the settings?

There are 3 settings...Turn XBOX off after

1. 1 hour of inactivity

2. 6 hours of inactivity

3. Do not turn off automatically.

Do you have it set up using kinect and voice commands?

If so maybe its getting muddled up in the voices if you and others are talking.

If you have it set up with Kinect and Voice, maybe disconnect it and try just the standard way.

Sorry I'm not much help, I just picked up mine a few hours ago and getting it set up now.

All I can think is maybe an outlet problem, signal overload and it shuts off... try a different outlet or surge protector

Youre not the only one. I jut started using mine and when i go to settings it is occurring frequently. Thought it was a fluke at first but anytime you attempt to do multiple things or your console is in a menu too long it shuts down on its own.... Happened also when i attempted to set my settings as CoD ghosts was installing and it shut right down. Going to talk to support today and will keep you posted, you arent alone

I had three bricked ps4 already always crashing.  Time for an X1

Voodoo You are liar.

[quote user="C0MP3LLED"]

Voodoo You are liar.


Why is he a liar? One of my PS4s was bricked out of the box. Wouldn't turn on. I don't see it so far fetched that he had 3. TONS of people have had broken PS4s.

Hello guys


Please be sure to head over to the Xbox One Support Forums if you are experiencing problems with your new console. That is the best place to be for problem solving and troubleshooting. There is plenty of information over there in stickied threads that may help with a lot of reported problems.


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