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Hey i need help setting my xbox one to my home xbox. It wont let me do it and says i can change up to 3 times a year. Any ideas or help?


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Are you connected to xbox live?

Ya i am. I can play and talk with friends and play online

Have you done it 3 times already? The reason I ask is because my son was living with me and he was changing back and forth between mine and his without knowing that it could only be done 3 times per year.

I called the MS support number and explained what happend.They fixed it so I could make my console my home console. They also told me to not let it happen again lol. It's all good now.

Yea, you shouldn't have to switch you console anymore than once a year (if you ask me).  They prevent you from doing more than 3, because (inevitably) people will take advantage of the service to just "steal" games from the marketplace.

Im pretty sure that is what happened. I didnt try to game share i was just movin around and switchin between a couple xbox's was all. What is the MS number you called?

You can game share. Just don't abuse the system. Which is what you did.


Ok si call and just ask for one more "make my home xbox"?

Just tell them you were messing with settings without knowing what they were exactly, say you'd like a reset on the home xbox setting.

Ok thanks for all the help guys