Xbox One sales success reflect Xbox 360

As of April 5th 2014:

Global estimated number of Xbox One consoles sold at launch stands at 4,199,749.

2,686,482 of these units were sold in the USA

1,015,647 of these were sold in Europe

 Remaining 497,620 sold outside USA and Europe

I calculate this to approximately 57% USA, 30% Europe and 13% oustide USA and Europe.

The Xbox 360 has sold 81.13 million units wordwide since its release.

Breaking down the sales of this I came up with 56% USA, 32% Europe and 12% rest of the world.


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Do you have a link please :)

trying to find the announcement online, is it Microsoft's financial year end results ?

Mind if I ask where you found these numbers?

I was under the impressions figures don't come out until the 17th

I dont he really is implying low numbers. just the sales record in % according to region.... but, that wouldnt change really... XB fans will be XB fans and same for PS...

now if you want to talk numbers total... I do not think a total has been released since Jan/Feb

The numbers are based on the weekly VGChartz estimates.

Following these closely for the last few months, they have fallen in line with the official sales release numbers Sony have released for their console and when Microsoft last revealed their numbers in January. Microsoft also use them as a refrence on their game boxes aswell when the game in question is a huge seller.

But as I say, VGChartz are known to be estimates only. I have yet to see them be completely off the mark when an official statement from Sony or Microsoft is released in regards to sales.

If VGChartz are indeed correct for the month of March 2014, NPD will reveal that Xbox One outsold PS4 in the USA. Because my counting for the weeks of March for USA shows Xbox One leading by just over 50,000 additional units sold. We will find out soon enough.

I certainly dont consider 4.2 million units sold for a newborn console "low figures".

it beats the 360 figures by some margin, I would imagine it would be 2nd fastest seller behind ps4.

VG charts guesses.. there numbers are far from accurate... they are a decent guideline... but not facts.. again.. no XB sales figures have been released since Feb.. so we have 2 months not listed...

By those numbers of Jan having 3.9 million sales BEFORE titanfall bundles and price drops.. VG is telling us in 2 months SINCE TF released and the lower than PS price drops, XB only sold 200,000 units?   think about that for a second

I'm still waiting for Microsoft to reveal their official figures, but when they do they will be compared against what VGChartz show, and then we will truly see VGChartz's reliability.

I really hope they do reveal the official figures soon so I can get proper knowledge on VGChartz credibility.

I think the RROD had a lot to do with the 80 million 360's sold. My friends and I have had to purchase a second or third 360 due to RROD or because we wanted to upgrade to hdmi or bigger hard drive.

There was also a report on the 31st March that resulted in several online journalists saying that the PS4 had gone over the 7 million mark and outsold the Xbox One by a ratio of 7 to 1 in Europe for the last 2 weeks of March.

But VGChartz on the other hand tell a different story. Their weekly sales show the PS4 being just under 6.9 million as of the 5th April, a week later than when it had supposedly crossed the 7 million milestone.

And the Europe ratio was 2.9 to 1 instead of the heavily inflated 7 to 1 that was reported 12 days ago. Add this to the fact Sony made no announcement of hitting 7 million units sold.

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