Xbox One Repair Experience

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to put my general experience into words, to hopefully help someone else if they're having the same issues I had. As well as to give the feedback on the many agents I spoke with that were very helpful.

Where to start...

My Xbox One had an issue with it's disc drive, not the grinding issue that a lot of people were having, but my console would not read specific parts of discs... I'm not sure why, but on Forza 5 it wouldn't allow me to race on 2 separate tracks and Call of Duty Ghosts would not allow me to play on several of the maps.

I tried 3 different discs of each game with no results.

The first time I called Xbox Support (12/4/13) and spoke to a representative, I was directed to the game creators (Turn10 Studios) after browsing their forums for a few hours and going through all of the suggested troubleshooting, I gave up.

The next day (12/5/13) I called back. The technician that I spoke with ran me through a bunch of troubleshooting, again to no avail. Ultimately, he determined that is was a hardware defect and I needed to have my console repaired/replaced.

1. My initial repair order was created on 12/5/13 sometime around 12 pm.

2. After paying over $500.00 for a new system, Xbox covers repairs/replacement and shipping. Standard Shipping (7-14 Business Days) Or you can pay for Expedited Shipping (2 Day) After paying for a new system, I obviously did not want to wait another 2 weeks to have it back, so I elected to pay the $11.33 for Expedited. I was told the return shipping label would be sent in a follow-up email from Fed-Ex. He told me that normally these emails come in within 10 minutes, an hour would be out of the norm, and 24 hours at the absolute latest.

3. I received an email from Xbox Support with my Service Request Number less than 2 minutes after I got off the phone. This email reconfirmed what i was told by the tech about the shipping label.

4. 30 Minutes pass... no label... One hour passes... no label... 24 hours pass... no label...

5. The Service Request email said, "You will receive an additional email message from with instructions for how to print your shipping label. If you don’t receive this email within 24 hours, check the junk folder or spam filter in your email program. If you don't find the email message in your junk folder or spam filter,  contact Xbox Support." So I called again on 12/6/13 and tried to get my shipping label

6. The person I spoke with was a gentleman named Ryan. He was helpful, and attempted to assist me but he encountered an error that he had never seen before. So he went to find a supervisor to see if they had dealt with this before. His supervisor had not either. They told me they would look into this and I would receive a phone call by the same time the next day. Frustrated as I was, I agreed.

7. Next day rolls around I receive no phone call.

8. Call again after I get off work. Speak with guy named Alec. He was Super Helpful and looked into my situation, had same error as before. He got his supervisor, still same issue. Was supposed to have Supervisor named Jesse from Utah area call me next day. Explained to him that I had been through this already, and never got a call. He apologized and said that I shouldn't have to jump through all these hoops to get a console I just bought to work, and he wanted to see if he could do something for me. He returns and tells me he just spoke with the floor manager of his location and informed him of my situation so that he could give me a free game... He didn't have to do that for me, but he didn't want me to deal with an issue like this and leave with no resolution and be empty-handed. That was awesome of him and he is the kind of person that provides the best kind of customer service that any business would be lucky to have.

9. Jesse never calls. 12/6/13

10. I call later that night and someone named Matthew is the unlucky person to take my call. I politely ask to be sent to a Supervisor because at this point I do not want to continue dealing with the same thing over and over again. He gets my account info, and says that he is waiting on the Supervisor to come over, but he never leaves the phone. He tries to run me through the same processes again, and I ask again to speak to a Supervisor. Only after asking several times did he reluctantly get someone for me to speak to. The Supervisor's name was Stephon he apologized for the delay, and began to ask questions to get my issue resolved. He came across the same issue that the other 2 had. He said that he was unsure of what to do, and he did not want to put me through what I had already been through twice at this point. He tried sending me the label directly, but that did not work either. He spoke with someone in the processing/shipping department to see what the issue was, but no one had seen this error before. (lucky me!) He was very nice and helpful and tried to get to the bottom of what was going on, but he was told by the processing/shipping department that the labels could take up to 72 hours. (which directly contradicts what the email, and all of the other techs told me) I told him I'd give it another day. (this was 12/6/13)

11. (12/7/13) After working all day once again i was lucky enough to call Support after getting off. I called and someone was looking into it, they attempted to transfer me to a Supervisor, or someone else in Hardware, but they accidentally sent me to Connectivity. I spoke with Rachel who was waiting for her Manager to take the call, because I was only dealing with Supervisors at this point. Her Manager Bill came, he was confused about my issue and informed me that I must've been accidentally transferred to the wrong department. (needless to say at this point I was beyond frustrated) Bill, instead of just ignoring me, because my problem wasn't his department, went ahead and looked into it, and actually solved the problem for me. He said that there was an issue when my Service Request was created and that he would cancel it, and we would create a new one.

12. So after that was all handled, he said that we would need to create an entirely new order. He asked if I wanted to do Expedited shipping again. I told him that I very much would, but that given the circumstances of what I had been going through, I felt that I should be refunded and that the Expedited shipping should be covered this time. He let me know that unfortunately that was out of his power and that due to the contract with FedEx, they were unable to waive the fee. I understand that. I let him know that I was disappointed, but if you can't do something, you can't do it. So I did not blame him. He did however, say that what he could do was give me a token for a free month of Xbox Live which would be about the same price. He said he was actually going to give me 2 months, one to cover my shipping, one for the time I hadn't been able to use. Again, this is the example of how customer service should be. I did not call with the intent of wanting anything free, but he felt it was the least he could do to help compensate me for the headaches i had been through.

13. Now my final obstacle... I received my label finally, on 12/8/13 late in the evening. I sent it out early Monday morning (12/9/13) and was told it would take 2 days to get there, should be repaired same day, or at most next day, shipped out next day and be here in 2 more days... So I should have had my replacement console by the 14th or 15th, but yet again things didn't play out the way I was told.

14. My console arrived at the repair center after 2 days(12/11/13) was repaired, and sat there until 12/16/13 before it was finally sent back to me.

So here's the final results recap.

Process took from start to finish - (12/4/13 to 12/18/13) 2 Full weeks

Cost me - $11.33 two separate times

Dealt With - 9 Employees(Supervisors) (Helpful: Ryan, Alec, Stephon, Natasha, Rachel, Bill, Phillip) (Not helpful: Matthew)

Total Compensation I received - 1 Free Game, 6 Months of Xbox Live Gold

Overall Situation Experience - One of the worst that I've ever had. More than 7 hours of time on the phone in total. Entire process took way longer than it should have.

Overall Customer Service Experience - Very good. Mostly everyone was very helpful, I was given misinformation a couple of times, but I was compensated for my time and inconvenience.

I have 2 customer service jobs,(One of which is a very busy GameStop, so my circle of influence that directly impacts Xbox is probably larger than most.) and deal with thousands of people a week. I can say from experience that situations can happen that are out of everyone's control, which I'll attribute this entire fiasco to. And it is up to the Customer Service Reps to make it right. I feel that I was helped as best as I could be by almost every person I dealt with.

Would I recommend Xbox Consoles and Products to my friends, family and customers? Absolutely. In the 9 Years that I have been playing the different iterations of Xbox, this was the first time that I had any problems whatsoever.

Would I recommend Xbox Customer Support? Only as the very last option in the world. I understand that with any big launch there will be issues, and I was one of the unlucky ones to be affected this time. But in my opinion, Microsoft was not prepared to handle this kind of issue when they definitely should have been.

I hope that this can help someone going through a similar issue, and this was the only way that I was able to leave positive feedback to those that helped me.


Dylan (iSnipeLikeJesus)


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Ive had a good experience with the repair centre. My Day One controller wasn't working correctly (the orb button was sticking and the battery compartment was giving me issues with disconnect. I sent off the controller by recorded mail and received a new day one controller 9 days later which is working as it should.

OP I have to admit I gave up half way through that wall of text.

Hope you got it sorted in the end.