XBOX ONE Release Date .....issues

Has anyone thought about the effect of sales based on the PS4 coming out a week earlier.  Xbox one games releasing before the console is available??

People who have saved up to get the consoles will be inclined to switch to PS4 because of the earlier release and price difference.

People will be also be inclined to purchase the high title games for the 360 or PS4 instead of the ONE because he games releasing weeks ahead of the console.

Who is making these ridiculous decisions? I have been an Xbox member and fan for many years. I feel like these poor decisions could be a real detriment to the sales of the new system.


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When people start returning Ps4's they only have a week to wait to try and grab a X1 off the shelf. : D

One week, not that my opinion. Christmas/holiday time will be the real selling time for both consoles.

I dont really see this as an issue. I'm buying bf4 on 360 and upgrading for 10 bucks it's nice to have a head start.

Well you have to think about dispatching from warehouse, and also the postal service.

There will be a HUGE backlog of orders on that day, I bet most of the deliveries that day will be consoles.

Think about the time it takes to process orders, it's easier to send the games and peripherals earlier, so on the console launch day they can just grab the box, package and send it out.

Yeah, Sony will get a head start, but we've never seen these two behemoths release simultaneously before, so it will be interesting to see what effect that has on the common buyer. A lot of it will come down to the preference of the store staff I imagine, when the customers ask them to make a recommendation.

That is only in the US. For the rest of the world its the other way around. Also I do not think people will make a decision based on release date. People seem to be sitting firmly on one side of the fence this time with their own reasons. I don't see many people who would be swayed by the release date.

I don't think people will buy a console just cause it comes out earlier , it's all about preference.

Bear in mind that the PS3 released an entire year after X360 and held its own. I wouldn't worry about it. Launch dates do not determine the ultimate appeal of consoles.

If this affected me which it doesn't because I'm in the UK, I wouldn't be tempted to jump ship at all. Imo the X1 has an massively better launch lineup than the PS4 has, It would be a huge mistake for ME to go over to a console lacking in games I want.

not inclined one bit to get a PS4. it has nothing I want in a console.

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