Xbox One release date for The Netherlands?

Alright guys, as you may all know the Xbox One changed it's original 21 launch markets to 13. With that being said, The Netherlands (which is where I am) has also sadly been scraped from the "original" 21 launch markets. I've not heard anything from Microsoft about a Netherlands release date -yet, or am I missing something?- so, does anyone know when the Xbox One eventually will launch in The Netherlands? 


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There is no "tier 2" release dates yet. I wouldnt expect them before new year either, they will probably be out of stock in the current markets the remaining year anyways.


Sometime March might be an optimistic, but possible estimate.. Could also line up with Titanfall.

Yeah, Xbox One is expected to launch in "early 2014". Microsoft is pretty unclear about the subject currently, though. The dutch Xbox facebook lately posted a release date for Titanfall, stating it would release February 20th, or March 14th only for Xbox One. I assumed that'd be the time Xbox One would come, but to this day there's still no confirmed release date.

Well, Titanfall's release probably won't be tied to Xbox One's at this point in any way, but I do see likely that Microsoft might aim to release in the tier 2 countries so that it lines up with Titanfall, it would probably sell pretty well in bundles..


Around here they also keep saying "as soon as possible 2014", but it's probably gated by two things: hardware availability and localisation. I'm not sure if they will be trying to make Kinect voice controls for all languages (doubt it, seeing that my WP8 hasn't got local voice commands yet either), but as said, at least for the remaining 2013, they will sell every console they make, probably when they actually reach the point that they have some extra consoles on the shelves they start focusing on releasing in smaller countries.


If you are yet to preorder anything locally, you might as well get one from German MS store? I got my Surface RT from there that way. I would consider it for Xbox One too, but I get way too good preorder bonuses from this finnish retailer.. 2nd controller, 2 games (other one being Titanfall) and a 1 year subscription to a local gaming magazine, also 2 year warranty, al lfor 529€.


I live in the Netherlands also, just wanted to know what you guys know.. also ive herd mixed comments saying if i by it here the dashboard will be dutch??.. is this true?.. thanks

It's very likely that the dashboard will be translated, just like fe. Windows 8 has been localized to most languages. This is one of the reasons they say as the reason for the delay.

I hope the translation isn't as lame as the 360 is, where my console is set to English and yet my dashboard displays dutch...

I will probly just end up, buying one in Germany or back in the UK and ship it over.. should be no problem as its a EU it should work anywere, i have an english 360 here.. ahh man 500 euro..