Xbox One record your friends voices

On the 360 you can record your friends voices and get their awesome reactions , however on the Xbox One this is not possible. The only way of this of happening is by unplugging your mic and thats no fun. It will be nice for all these people with " Elgatos " and other popular recording devices , if they can get their friends voices just like the 360 


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Agree +10000

Ive actually just stopped using my elagato for this very reason and havent posted to youtube for a while.

Hopefully now they figured out BC they can get the engineers on this one.

I'm sorry, but I don't think this should happen. EVER. People being recorded without their consent breaches privacy and I'm pretty sure that's a slippery slope that MS isn't willing to cross. Anyone willingly doing this to another without their consent is an unscrupulous individual without morals.

I have a hauppauge HD PVR2. Its awesome capture gameplay in 1080p and the chatter and game music with no time limit how long or short. I got my PVR Jan 2014 and im a youtuber.

Hey geek people do do this its on youtube. It kind of in a way is a bit morally wrong but this behaviour does not breach any privacy law. Where as pointing a camera and filming in private homes is.

When I had an elgato on 360 I liked being able to have the party chat heard on the stream or video. I'd like to see this happen on the X1 Twitch streaming.

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Well GG im glad your not a MS engineer.

Personally, I would prefer a way to separate the chat and sound from the audio and have ways to edit it in and out if needed. This way, you simply do 1 recording, but can then separate the video from the audio channels at different times for editing purposes (or have no chat/sound at all, if that's what you wanted). Granted, as cool as this would be, this would almost be worse then what I've mentioned above as you can "augment" what people say to make it sound worse, kind of like with the censhorship jokes you see on Late Night TV that makes everyone sound like they're cursing when they're really not. :P

Privacy is a touchy issue, because it is, technically, a public service.

Touchy for some.

If you live in the US I wouldn't be taping anyone in party chat without their knowledge. It's illegal to tape a conversation that's not in public without a persons knowledge. That's why taped phone  conversations have that annoying beep even on 911.

Game chat where you join a public server may be a gray area but if GG invites me to a party there is an expectation of privacy and either of us taping the conversation would be illegal no different than a phone call.


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