xbox one really that great?


i just got a xbox one with forza 5 and it looks great an all. it looks just like a good pc does on a monitor. what i would like to know is,what would it look like on a CRT TV if the console allowed it? my point is, is the Xbox one really that major step up over the 360? just what does it change? the 360 looks great on  a 1080p HDTV anyway and forza 5 dosent look that much better. i don't know im feeling kind of short changed here guys.


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The game would look terrible on a CRT TV. If you dont think the graphics are a step up, especially Forza 5 graphics, well then return the console

"The game would look terrible on a CRT TV"

@x24hrs2livex thanks you've just answered my question.

@ Skull ...

"Xbox one really that major step up over the 360?" ...

Depends what we are talking about here.

"Visuals" ... I personally wouldn't say any game I've seen on the next gen consoles is a "major" step up from what we see on last gen. Sure I don't believe a game like Ryse Son of Rome could have been done on the 360 but as good as it looks I still don't think it's a major step forward.

Look back to when the 360 was released, look at the visuals of some of the early games, not bad looking but then compare them to some of the games released in the last year or two, pretty big step up there in my opinion. So I believe by the time Forza 6 for example hits the shops, then we will really start to see a difference between that and the last Forza on the 360.

For me though it's not just about having "Better Graphics". Now I know a lot don't like Kinect but this new one is a very impressive piece of kit and I believe it has huge potential as long as the developers get on board.

Getting back to Forza 5, not visuals that have impressed me most but the way the Cloud/Drivatar works, I've said many times that this alone for me has made it the best racing game I've ever played, no more boring AI racers, no race is ever the same so for me anyway just with these few things mentioned it's already quite a step forward, again though the step up in "visuals" will come, it will just take some time.

spot on lofty so much potential in the X1, welcome to the new generation where greatness is just an update away!!

Bf4 was a huge step up played it on 360 and its like night and day plus 64 players can't do that on 360. The amount of zombies on dr3 blew me away. Think about how much they squeezed out of that old gcard on the 360. X1 will only get better.

Graphics are only a small amount of what will be and what has been upgraded already.

Compare BF4 on the 360 and the Xbox One. On Xbox One, you can have 40 more players in game at one time, the textures are a lot better, the maps have more objects, the frame rate is doubled and there are more vehicles. Siege of Shanghai is the best example. Go on the tower on both versions, and you will notice the Xbox 360 version it is just an empty floor. On Xbox One, it is fully furnished.

There are many things that will be upgraded in every game, it's up to the devs to give us great games. Games like Grand Theft Auto will have bigger worlds without the restrictions, i.e. on GTA V, only a few cars will spawn at a time, there's no variety.

If you can wait for the games to come out, it will be worth it. Graphics will only get better as time goes on.

IDK ,,nba2k 14 and tomb raider sure look pretty darn good to me ..More than slightly better than the 360 IMO,,but hey ,thats just my opinion...

Biggest issue with this gen is its going from HD to HD (360 to X1) rather than SD to HD (Xbox to 360).

While not as noticeable as the last gen change over, if you put the consoles side by side with something like Forza 4 & 5 you will see the big differences in lighting, textures, draw distance etc.

I've recently gone back to play The Last of Us which was an awesome looking game last gen but after months of X1 and PS4 it really is a shock to see how dated it now looks.

As people have said above, graphics will only get better so this starting point we are at is pretty exciting!!!

Everyone sees everything differently from everyone else and in more ways than one...

"The amount of zombies on dr3 blew me away."

cool man.i have been playing games for 30 years since age 9 and i love zombie games.i have just ordered dead rising 3 so i cant wait!!!!!

and ps: i take all that back about forza 5 after i have just played the le mans track with the le mans Peugeot. jesus thats fast and sooooooo real to the real life track. i cant wait for project cars but will  probably get it on my wii u because of the controller.

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