Xbox One, RB Broken?

I am an avid BF4 player, I played it nonstop on my new Xbox one, any experienced BF4 player will understand that finding enemies and marking them may require the spamming of the RB button, and so that's how I played BF4 for two days until the RB button ceased to work. I chalked this up to a simple flaw in design and set it down so I could go take it back, and hopefully get a replacement, I picked up my other controller and began playing but this time I tried not to be quite so reliant on the bumper. Just today I noticed that the button was acting like it had with my other controller, it is not always working and is less responsive. Now both of these controllers have broken bumpers. When I click them I get no response and they don't even make a "click sound". Either I am the most unlucky customer and bought 2 faulty controllers, or there is a critical design flaw. I don't know how many people have had my same experience, I assumed it was not many because there are such a small percent of people that play BF4 as much as me, but in time if this is a design flaw, everyone will see this to be a problem. I just want to know if I am the only one, Is there anyone else out there that has had this problem? Sure maybe this button was not supposed to be tapped quite so much, but that shouldn't matter, it should still be built with quality.

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I have the same problem and I click the rb-bumper nonstop. Sometime I noticed, that I couldn't spot enemies anymore and the controller showed no reaction, when I clicked the bumper. Its just 2 months ago I buyed the Xbox ONE and i find its not ok.I mean, even if I often press the button, a "survival time" of 2 months is too short! I will complain about the problem

see if you can remove the "handle" panel on the controller underside.. sometimes some dust or something gets in the way f the button motion.. just blow it out or use caned air...  

if it doesnt work..  you do need a new one anyways so worth the try

thank you for the quick response. :) But how do I remove the bumper and does not expire the warranty when I do this?

@XGS MoritzMSD:

I don't know how to remove the bumper, but I'm positive that disasembling the Controller will invalitdate the warranty on the controllers part...

If you want to use the warranty.. go ahead...  but TBH it is a $60 controller... will cost you money to send plus the wait time for the turn around.. sometimes easier to just get a new one....

you are not voiding the warranty tho by removing the casing I believe... it is the inner works that will.. (any screws that are hidden by stickers, etc) the plastic easily pops off with a small screw driver...starting by the trigger... there is an opening allowing you to see the bumper works...  had a piece of lint fall in my 360 controller once and this happened