Xbox one Razer Karken Pro

So I have some karken pros that I wanted to use on my xbox one but for what ever reason when I hook them up to the adapter everything but the mic works. I know the mic is fine because I checked it on my PC and phone. I also know the adapter is fine toobbecause I used some tritons and other headphones with mics. Any ideas/advice why when I connect the Razer the mic doesn't want to work. Thanks guys.


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ok not trying to be a smart a.. but did you go into settings and update the controller firmware with a micro usb cable?

I'm having the same problem. From what I researched on the internet the microphone does not work, because the problem is caused by the fact that the headset is compatible with iPhones, where the microphone system is different and patented by Apple, resulting in compatibility issues on Xbox One. I'm trying to pass the problem to Microsoft, but it is difficult, the only means of direct contact that I found is Twitter, but they do not understand the problem and tell me to contact Razer. I believe it should be an easy problem to solve with an update, as the Razer Kraken Pro works perfectly on PS4.