Xbox ONE "What Do You Like About It"

I like everything about it.


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Good for you! Me too!

most things tbh and lately i have been happy with how quick they have started patching in them little tweaks that were missing things like sign in notifications, the party system, battery indicators etc UI still grinds my gears at times but its all been improving since day one so i am definitely happy with the system and the direction it's been heading in

Everything simple

For "me" it has ....

Best line up of games released and yet to be released.

Best controller I've ever used.

Best online service.

I like Kinect and excited for what the future holds.

Finally something in my house ( unlike the wife lol ) I can talk to and it listens.

In my opinion Microsoft ( even after the initial turnaround/U-turn ) are looking to the future and trying to do things a little different.

It's where the majority of my friends & family game.

@Lofty well I know your wife and thats going on twitter in a minute.

I like playing games and getting annoying messages and party invites all the time.

@ 24hrs ..

LMAO ... you wouldn't? would you :-/

I'm off!

* I like how it doesn't abruptly disconnect you from Xbox Live every time there's a system or game Update, something which Xbox 360 does.

* I love the controller. Kinect can read QR codes and does a fair job at picking up your voice.

* They've added in a battery indicator, recent players list, and improved the friends list, and the console now has Dolby Digital support thanks to an update. This proves M is listening to feedback.

Received an email saying I can use my turtle beach Dolby headset to chat on Xbox 1 since M now does an adapter according to the email. What I and several others would really like next is Voice Messaging between other Xbox 1 consoles. It's an important "Xbox" feature which is on 360 but not 1. It needs to be on Xbox 1. One of my Xbox friends sent me a voice message via Skype but on Xbox 1 Skype's app, I can't open it because "This version of Skype doesn't support that yet".

One other thing I forgot to mention is Xbox 1 gives more detailed Network stats like Ping, and download and upload speed results. And since it's Xbox Live, there's at least some integration with Xbox 360 like when your friends send you txt messages you can view them regardless if they're between Xbox 360 or Xbox 1 and you can see who's online. Xbox 1 doesn't just show you who's out of your friends isonline on just Xbox 1 but on Xbox 360 as well. I have 100 Xbox 360 friends and only about 10 of them I've seen have played on Xbox 1.

   I really like the controller over the xbox 360. I have to admit that I wasn't a fan of it at first, but after putting in some time, it's a much improved controller. I enjoy having bluray on my xbox one, it helped condense my entertainment stand. I also enjoy that I can be online in a game and still have content download. I'm enjoying the games that I have, and love the fact that all my xbox 360 friends have an xbox one now. I like that friend notifications are work great. ( I'm in the beta)

   I'm happy to see the xbox team working hard to improve the xbox one, and fixing the bugs that are wrong with it! I also like the new kinect!

I like pretty much everything to be honest. It exceeded my expectations and gets better and better with each update.

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