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Hello everyone,

I never preordered the new Xbox but I want to buy one. Any news on the next wave of Xbox Ones and the dates? When do you think I'll be able to purchase one?


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You can purchase one on release day. Just gotta wake up super early

Or you can go on ebay and pay $200 to double retail or you can wait till next year around March or April and pay retail. this and what x24hrs2livex said and camp out for one and hope to be within the amount of xboxes hey have

Im pretty sure you will be able to find one in a store on launch day...MS stated there gonna have all stores fully stocked for launch day....Just wake up friday morning and look around im sure you will find at least one somewhere.

I would shop around, some places may have opened up preorders again, wouldn't hurt to look around your nearest stores anyway. But otherwise, I would go with what x24hrs2livex said, or wait until stores get more retail stock. Looks like each Walmart store will have about 6 unites per store for Black Friday shopping

Call your local Game Stop and ask what their pre-order hold policy is. If you can't find anything and are desperate you may be able to snag one when they release the pre-orders that some people couldn't afford to pay off.

For GameStop its going to be 48 hours and you'll be lucky to get one with a lot of people wanting it.

Go to SAMs club i work at my local SAMs club we did not take any pre orders and are reciving 24 x1 in

However, if you are not a member or don't know a member of Sams then that will not do you any good either.

It's 45 bucks for a membership or you can pay 10% more