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After weeks of deliberating and comparing both Xbox One and PS4 I came to the conclusion that I wanted a machine that would serve me as a gaming machine and an entertainments centre so myself and my partner can enjoy movies and music.  So the obvious choice was the Xbox One.  It sits nicely under my television and looks like it should belong.  After two months though my initial decision does seem to be one of error because as I type my Xbox One seems to be stuck in a cycle - the cycle of restoring factory defaults because my machine keeps telling me my game discs are dirty or damaged and i cannot play any of the games i have bought.

So i trawl the internet to see what i can find out about this little problem.  But it isnt a little problem because i have to turn my Xbox One off and unplug the power to reset it so it will accept my discs and then halfway through playing it asks me to put my disc in as it doesnt recognise it - so game over, save lost and i have to turn my machine off yet again so i can do what i enjoy most - playing games.

The big problem for me now is that i am slowly coming to the opinion that the Xbox One is the worst console i have ever owned.  A console is only good if it works!!!

I understand that a console is going to have its teething problems but when the problems occur every time you turn the damn thing on and you know its going to happen but you dont know when - you start thinking its time to vote with your feet and get a machine that is going to at least let you play your games.

So, disappointed leads to anger and anger leads to hate and hate leads you to the dark side and at the moment I am beginning to hate that i cant play my games on the Xbox One.

If something isnt done to rectify this i will be using my Xbox one as a door stop and then buying the PS4 so i can actually play games again.



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I could be wrong but it sounds to me like you have a faulty console and it needs to be repaired/replaced.

[quote user="XBOXGamesNutter"]I wanted a machine that would serve me as a gaming machine and an entertainments centre so myself and my partner can enjoy movies[/quote]

Same reason I brought an Xbox One.

I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having, but sadly not every Xbox One will work. Some will be faulty and yours is. 

can i just ask are you part of the preview program? if so thats the reason the disc drive is having problems at the moment, microsoft are aware of the issue and it should be corrected in the next wave of the 1404 updates. hope this helps put your mind at ease.