Xbox One Problems Binding Controller still happening after recommended fixes.

When I power up my Xbox One console sometimes it will not bind my controller properly. The weird thing is the problem occurs about half of the time i power up, the other half it'll work fine. The only fix i've found is to plug in my micro usb cable that came with the console to the controller or my plug and play charger which I purchased additionally. Pressing the binding buttons of the controller and console don't seem to do anything. 

I've tried the various combinations of powering up my console:

1) Holding down the button on my controller both sitting in front of the kinect and away from it. 

2) "Xbox on" both in front of kinect w/ controller and away from kinect.

3) Hitting the power button on the console both in front and away from kinect.

4) I've even had it fail when holding the controller directly in front of the kinect sensor and pressing the controller power button.

Just to reiterate the problem occurs about half the time, I haven't been able to consistently replicate results in either direction.


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