xbox one preorder

preordered mine in may and changed my payment option twice, both times microsoft cancelled my preorder, a bit worried as i could hardly understand the person explaining things to me, then my bank blocked payment as they though it could be fraud, finally they took payment after loads of frantic phone calls, then i get told my 2 games dead rising 3 and ryse were out of stock!!!!! strange i ordered them in may/june, now they have charged my credit card for a game after i have bought both titles from a local retailer, and to top all that off i still haven't received a email saying my xbox is on the way and its status still says in progress, and to think i thought this would be easier to get my console from the people who made it!!!!!!!!!!????


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Wow that sucks. Mine already says IN TRANSIT on UPS status.

I preordered mine with forza5 back in august, they cancelled the game but the console is on the way. Is there a shortage of games?

Yeah, I preordered Deadrising 3 on June 11th with my Xbox one, DR3 and Battlefield 4 weren't shipped with my Xbox or RYSE.

Funny though, I preordered Forza 5 just on November 9th, and they have the shipping label already. What's with the inconsistency?

Ordered 5 games in two different orders, Microsoft is only showing two as shipped. I can understand Madden 25, but games I pre-ordered a day after the announcement?

anybody in the uk had a email about consoles being in transit, im going to contact microsoft tomorrow its getting too close to launch day, ive got £400 of games and accessories aready bought and paid for to pick up on friday, im gonna be so pissed off if i can't use them.