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Hello all, new to forums. I have just started setting up my xbox one as a media centre and i would like to know if it is ok to leave the power on 24 hours a day. Thank you.


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As long as the console is well ventilated ( not in a closed in space etc ) you should be fine.

I've left my console on for days at a time ( not constantly used ) and never had issues with it overheating.

Mine has the Digital TV tuner attached so whether I'm gaming or my kids are watching tv/Netflix my Xboxone is on a lot. Been in instant on mode since day one 2013 and still going strong. It will be fine.

Op, I think it was designed with "always on" in mind, you should be fine with good ventilation.

You don't need to leave it running 24 hours because it has an instant on mode.

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Im sorry to sound confusing but i dont mean the console, i meant is it ok to leave the power brick plugged into a GPO 24/7 but the console off. Thank you

Yes it is.....

I tend to fall asleep watching youtube and Netflix.. the 1 hour 6 hour inactivity power off does not work with those apps so my XB has basically been on and I mean powered on for probably 80% of the time I have owned it (day 1er) and I have had no issues what so ever

Your ok, as long as you don't have it in a cramped closed in space. Microsoft built it to be on 24-7 for 10 years.

Take care

After 10 years its done for lol