Xbox One Policies.

Hello, Nathan here. 

Just querying whether MS has toned down/abolished the restrictions on Xbox One.

I hear i can't buy any pre-owned games? which I'm pretty nift about - I work full time as an apprentice, and live with my parents - I still find prices alittle steep to achieve - 50:50 of the games I buy are pre-owned.- But don't lets stop thinking about us working - earning a wage - I personally feel sorry for kids. 

I Don't know about you, but till i was 16, all I got was £2/$2 a week pocket money - and extra £2 if i cut my grand parents grass/lawn- it took me a marathon to save up for a video game - I use to complete them the week end I got em. Now I have no clue how kids are suppose to afford video games. 

Also I hear MS is stopping us from accessing the $500 Xbox One - which I will repeat, I paid HALF A GRAND FOR - that's if we don't have internet access within 24 hours...

I got this from old new sources... that's why I'm querying  - swear I heard somewhere that MS got rid of all this crap. 


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Read this if you are really being serious!

They abolished all of those policies. No more worrying...

I think he's just trying to wind people up by trolling to be honest!

^That's what I thought when I saw this thread too.

[quote user="SlimyTurt1e"]

^That's what I thought when I saw this thread too.


Glad you agree, even my grandma knows the policies changed  LOL

can someone say troll