Xbox One Play and Charge Question/Hypothesis

Hello all,

I've been enjoying my Xbox One for about 2 weeks now, and I recently came up with a crazy idea. Although I'm very impressed with the battery life on these controllers (only had to change once after about 20-25 hours of gaming), I know I won't want to buy batteries much longer. I did the whole play and charge thing with the 360, but two of those kits pretty much burned out within a year, and I really don't want to shell out another $25 for a piece of junk.

SO, this got me thinking. I already have plenty of high quality rechargeable AAs, but you have to take them out to charge when they die, obviously. I also have plenty of micro-USB cables. My question is, would it be safe to charge said batteries in the controller while playing by means of the micro-USB port, or would it even be possible? I really don't want to fry a $60 controller out of stupidity, but if someone else has tried it without issues, I might as well save the $25 haha.




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I purchased the play and charge kit when i bought the console and have only used it once so far. i have rechargeable batteries that i could also use and you're right, the battery life is pretty impressive for the xbox one controllers. I'm almost certain however you cannot charge batteries in the controller as I've tried before and 360 with no success. looking around it seems a lot of people have broken there controllers trying to recharge batteries with the play and charge kit so if i was you i would play it safe. either recharging the batteries externally with a rechargeable battery pack or just purchase the xbox one official play and charge kit. either way they cost about the same, benefits with play and charge kit are you can play while charging obviously but with the external charger you can use those batteries to use in other devices should you wish.

suppose it comes down to how much you play the console itself and wether you don't want to be waiting around for batteries to charge externally.

Good points all around. The main reason I was wondering is that I play in a dorm quite often, where its convenient to use a USB cable, which works even without batteries (I've tried). I wouldn't mind waiting on rechargeables then. However, its less convenient at my house, as my USB cable doesn't have the range if my batteries were dead. I'll probably get the play and charge kit eventually, just hate shelling out another $25 to  Microsoft for something that should have been included in the box at launch.