Xbox One Party Broken?

Hey guys, I'm looking for some clarification on the party chat. I play with a few mates(Usually cod) and we're struggling to even get a party together to play in the same lobby/match!! We invite to party.... The person that has sent the invite has party chat turned on but no one else is allowed to... IE when you try to turn party chat on it says its not allowed on try again later or something to that effect. We have to search for matches then try join his game, Last night we resorted to a skype call to chat!

Thanks guys. Peace


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I said in another post that I couldn't get in a party chat last night with my mate hopefully it was just a one off, my nat was set to strict last night but it's on open today aswell

Possibly could be NAT settings right enough.. Mine was always Open but now moderate. I'll have to find out what theirs is set at. Royal pain in the ***! 


Iv never used it on the one as none of my friends can afford it.

I take it you and your friend have tried resetting your routers or internet hubs.

My friends and i were having the same problem for a wile just after launch but havnt had any party problems for at least two weeks.

You can do a detailed network test in the network set up in the settings

Edit: How did I literally miss the last line? FACEPALM

If you and your friends are having issues with party chat might I advise you to use Skype? You can be in a group Skype call with your friends while playing the same or different games (Skype does not need to be snapped, it will work in the background). That way you don't have to worry about different NAT types or fear of party chat randomly turning itself off.

There is no place like

I am not really sure what Microsoft have done to the party chat and game invite system but it is a bit of a mess.

I was in a party with the 3 other friends the other night, 2 of which were playing Dead Rising 3 together, they had some issues and one of them got booted out but in order to be able to invite each other to play DR3 again they had to leave our party and form a new one with just the two of them.

Same happened when my friend tried to invite me to play Halo: Spartan Assault, he was told he had to create a party with just two of us before he could invite anyone to play.

Not sure how Microsoft can take a system that worked so well on the 360 and make such a mess of it.  

I had to reset my xbox 3 times last night before I could hear or speak to the party I was in.

Nat is open so I havn't a clue whats going on.

Hey guys thanks for replying. Yeh we've port forwarded all ports we can think of and still no help... It works sometime(very rarely) but skype is what we're using most nights now. :/ Pathetic really! Hope they get this sorted soon as well as Dobly digital 5,1 patch!