Xbox ONE only launched in 13 countries

22 november the Xbox ONE will be launched in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand. And not in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland. Microsoft will make less profit than expected because of the late delivery in the countries where the Xbox are launching in 2014. What is your opinion? Please comment

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I am not sure where you have been for the last few weeks, but this is old news. My opinion is to stop posting things everyone knows on the forums.

Old news and I'm sure they didn't have a choice if they could they would launch worldwide not just the original proposed 24 or whatever it was

I think they are not releasing the Xbox one in tier 2 country's because they are wanting to flood the tier 1 ones, it's good business sense.

I do not think they will lose any money at all because the same amount of consoles will be made and sold weather they are sold in all country's or not, they are still making the same amount of consoles but they are only going to the 13 country's and they will all be sold out release day.

I live in Norway so obviously I'm disappointed with the delay, but the 360 still has some life in it. It'll hold me over just fine, but I will get the X1 as soon as it launches where I live.

I live in the Netherlands. I'm certainly not happy with the delay. I hope Microsoft will have a release date for us soon. Got the Xbox One pre-ordered already.

It's the fault of those countries for not speaking English (US or GB dialects) as a primary language. The delay is due to voice localization work that isn't complete yet.

Sony just announced they wont even launch their console in Japan until 2014.

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Sony just announced they wont even launch their console in Japan until 2014.


And neither will Microsoft. That leaves the door wide open for Nintendo and their Wii U!!! Oh... hang on... never mind. Simply put Japan isn't the battle ground for either Microsoft or Sony, and because of this it's there turn to get shafted. I would feel sorry for them, but given I live n the EU and since I was a kid I've been forced to wait far longer than seemed reasonable for Japanese based consoles... part of me is smiling. I believe the Germans refer to it as schadenfreude.



tbh Angry Nintendo needs any minor advantage they can get just to even remain relevant lol They cant even get listed in the Nikkei stock index lol