XBox One now available for £329 with Fifa 14 Also at £310 (well maybe)


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That's a good price!

Even for the other "in stock" bundles, that is good!

I think Sony are safe for now.

No other place is offering the XBox ONE at the same price as the PS 4 so if price is a factor people are unlikely to be lured by the prospect of better exclusives and more next gen games.

It's Sony who are releasing more  "next gen" (please can we start using current gen?)  games this year.  Think they have about 20 to 30 more titles.

Approaching a price now where I will consider. Still, I'd like to see more games released, before I bite. Forza 5 was the only one of interest, until I found out about the distinct lack of tracks. Now, I'm not in such a rush to play it. I do want to play Watchdogs though! 

@Zvon im similar to you, its very near the price where i would pick one up at, unfortunately the only exclusive on the xo i wanna play is Forza. Luckily i have the other console for all cross platform games. Was thinking it would last me but theres too much coming to the xo that i wanna play so i know i will pick one up soon.

I thought I would be itching for the console by now, but I'm really not. Maybe so much time has past now that I dont remember what the 360 was like at launch, but I'm sure there was more games released for that quicker than have been for the Xbox One. I've been more than happy playing the 360, and just finished off GTA V, which I have thoroughly loved.

I will definitely have an Xbox One by the time the new Fifa is released, but right now, I see no point getting one until more games, I actually want to play, get released. This is great for my pocket too! 

@ Zvon ...

You mentioned Watch Dogs, on Twitter today I've been seeing people saying there will be a Xbox One/Watch Dogs bundle announced soon, could be worth a look.

Oh, I'll definitely keep an eye out for that then. Cheers Lofty! 

I would hope they did a watch dogs bundle. Its been under the spotlight enough in my opinion to justify a bundle. If even just a sleeve wrap and a code.