Xbox One notification location

I was wondering if anyone else thinks it would be a good idea if they were to move the location of the notification pop ups...


Maybe they can move it to one of the upper corners... It is annoying sometimes, especially when I watching a movie. I have smaller kids and I do not have the volume turned up because of the the bad language and I have to have the subtitles on. So this gets annoying when the achievements and other notifications pop up.

If there is already a thread open about this, I apologize.

If not, how many other gamers feel the same way?


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yeh, its quite a popular idea,

With the new UI, when it comes i'm sure there will be some major changes.

Windows 10 comes out this month. Xbox 1 isn't going to have exactly the same UI always throughout it's life cycle. Microsoft will make regular Updates to it, just like they did with Xbox 360.

With Xbox 360, it has great algorithms. The Dashboard Notification automatically figures out where to display the notification like bottom centre, top centre, left corner, right corner, a place where it least interferes. Where as Xbox 1's Notification, large 72pt. (I'm kidding but that's what it's like) Windows 8 Font square shoe box always appearing in the bottom centre of the screen.

Or you couldgo to settings and turn off the notifications so they don't pop while watching videos.   Job done.