XBOX One not wanting to show main page. Just blank black screen?

Got off of work, clicked TV on, pushed XBOX One power button...........and then not much else besides systems sounds like it is running but no picture, Main Page, or anything else. Just played the system a few days ago and yet I am unable to do anything with this tonight?


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Disregard, I guess either there was an update and the system was running slow or that I unhooked everything and reconnected the system and restarted it. Either way it appears currently to be running.

Hey ScotsmanJ,

Do you use use the quick boot up feature? If so, you may have to reset the whole xbox. I find that, over time, the UI slows down, I may not get a picture, or the kinect no longer blasts IR to the other components to turn on/off. I've just gotten in the habit of resetting the whole thing once a week.


Where is the quick boot up feature located at? Is it in the settings file or somewhere else because this seems like a constant issue now if I don't click the system on like everyday. Thanks for the information. Most appreciative.

Turn your xbox off....than press the button on the console to turn it on and hold your finger on the button for like 5 seconds until you see the power brick light go from white to orange and white again...let go your finger....your console should be off still just press the power button again on the console or controller...voice command to turn on xbox wont work the first time you do a hard reboot just so you know....once it comes on it may take a min or two to load up from the green screen...than everything should be working perfectly...and you will be able to turn on and off the xbox with your voice again.